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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

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What is the lymphatic system?

The lymphatic system is like the body's second circulatory system, made up of vessels and lymph nodes which are located just beneath the skin.  However the lymphatic system doesn’t have a heart to pump fluid around so relies on muscle movement. The lymph nodes are where lymph fluid flows for the body to dispose of, this is also a great part in the bodys immune system. Through whatever reason, whether it is removal/ blockages of lymph nodes this can cause the lymph fluid to build up in areas: Commonly affecting legs and arms.

How can Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage help?

The stimulation of the lymphatic system through the massage drains areas of excess lymph fluid and toxins using specific light touch techniques. In the case of damaged or removed nodes the lymph fluid is drained to areas where there is working lymph nodes. The benefits include increased immunity, relaxation, reduction in swelling and pain.

Conditions Lymphatic Draionage can be used for;


Therapists Offering Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Sarah Roberts - BSc (Hons) Complementary Therapies for Healthcare
Member of Federation of Holistic Therapists Member of Professional Standards Authority
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